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80% of all people in the U.S. choose search engines as their primary source of information when finding products and services. Can your business afford to lose those customers to competitors already being found on the search engines? PurpleHat Marketing can, easily,  and affordably get you seen on all the major search engines.

Adding keywords to your website content will not guarantee your place on the search engines

Many business owners believe that just by adding keywords to their website, their business will show up on the search engines. The truth is that this may have been true 20 years ago, but the algorithms used by the search engines today have become vastly more sophisticated. Purplehat marketing will use techniques such are strategic keyword placement, internal and external linking structure, and tags to ensure your website is exactly what the search engines are looking for.

Ranking high today does not mean you will rank high tomorrow

It has happened, the Google gods have blessed you and your website is now ranked number one on the search engines. It is truly a victory. You can now rest and enjoy your well deserved success, right? Wrong. It is a common misconception that because your website has reached a certain ranking on a search engine that, if you change nothing, it stay there. Unfortunately, this is not the case. There are several reason why this is not true.

  • Search engines’s algorithms are constantly changing. What works today will not work tomorrow.
  • New entities begin competing for your keyword phrase
  • Those interesting articles that you had written relating to your keyword phrase are beginning to age. Search engines prefer fresh interesting content.

The truth is, if daily effort is not made to improve your website’s marketing, you always run the risk of dropping in search engine ranking. PurpleHat marketing works with this in mind. Our marketing packages are designed to ensure that your website is always fighting this negative current. We work to constantly push your website to the top of the search engines.

It is not always better to pay someone handle your hosting

This may have been true 15 years ago, but, with the ease of today’s web hosting control panels, anybody can set up web hosting. In fact, it is more difficult to come up a web site idea then to manage the hosting.

PurpleHat Marketing is running one of the most cutting edge and user friendly control panel on the market today.

Not all Web hosts are the same

One can understand how a person could think that all web hosting is the the same. Shopping for hosting seems like a never ending view of the exact same features. But, setting features aside, the aspect that really sets web hosts apart is up time. Up time is the amount of time a server has been running without having an outage. This is a very important number considering the fact that having every feature in the world does not mean a thing if they are on an out of commission server.

As PurpleHat Marketing, we take great pride in being able to say that our servers have an industry leading 99.9% up time. With this rock solid stability, you can be assured that your customers will always be able to reach your website.

Free or extremely cheap web hosting is not your best option

Free or extremely cheap web hosting sure sounds like a great idea, especially if you’re in a financial pinch, but repercussions can cost you way more in the end. If you count on your website to bring you business, placing your trust in a cheap hosting provider is probably a bad bet.

  • Make sure their servers are stable. Ask how many outages they have had over the last 1 -5 years
  • Ask about customer support. Some cheap or free hosting solutions save money by only offering email support. This can put huge delays in response when fate of your business hangs in the balance
  • Ask about and compare the server hardware you are hosting on. Believe it or not, not all server hardware is created equal and the inexpensive hosting provider may be saving money by putting you on a slow antiquated server.

At PurpleHat marketing we pride ourselves on our 24/7 phone support, rock solid reliability, and powerful cutting edge server hardware. You can trust that, if you host with us, you will get nothing but the best hosting experience.

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